The method of creating Keep Out Areas changes from v10.7

Until Quadcept v10.6, “Keep Out Areas” allowed multiple prohibition rules to be set in a single area (object). This was intended to simplify operation and drawing, which made it easy for everyone to use Quadcept.

However, it was not possible to set the “fill color” and “fill style” for each area. We received valuable feedback that “it is impossible to instantly judge which content is prohibited”.

Therefore, considering the flexibility of board design drawing, the concept and the creation method of Keep Out Areas have been significantly changed in Quadcept v10.7.0, which contributes to the merit of “visualization of each prohibited rule“.


Now each prohibition rule easier to judge visually!

The point of this change is that Keep Out Area can be visualized for each prohibited rule.

Before Quadcept v10.6


It was possible to set “3 prohibited rules; drill/parts/net” and “1 restricted rule; Component Height” for just one Keep Out Area.


Since “fill color” and “fill style” could not be set for each prohibited rule, it was impossible to visually judge which rule was prohibited.

After Quadcept v10.7


Only one prohibited rule can be set in each Keep Out Area. The prohibited rule depends on each Keepout Layer.

Prohibit / Limit ruleObjectLayer
Prohibit Placing RouteKeep Out AreaKeepout(Route)
Prohibit Placing DrillsKeep Out AreaKeepout(Drill)
Prohibit the Placement of ComponentKeep Out AreaKeepout(Component)
Comp. Height LimitHeight Limit AreaHeightLimit

Create a Keep Out Area on Keepout(Route) Layer when you prohibit placing routes.


It is possible to visually judge which rule is prohibited, because “fill color” and “fill style” can be set for each prohibited rule.

Merit / Demerit

Before v10.6Simple OperationDifficult to judge which rule is prohibited
After v10.7Easy to judge which rule is prohibited by “fill color” or “fill style”Necessary to create a Keep Out Area for each prohibited rule


About project data before v10.6

When project data before v10.6 is opened in Quadcept v10.7 or later, the Keep Out Area is automatically generated in each Keepout layer.

How to easily create Keep Out Areas in each Keep out layer?

Please use “Move between Layers”.
With “Move between Layers”, you can move/copy the selected object to a different layer.

If a fill area is created in the Keep out layer, does it become a Keep Out Area?

Please note that even if you place a “Filled Object” on the Keepout layer, it will not become a Keep Out Area.

As shown in below, if you create the “Fill Object” and “Keep Out Area” in the Keepout layer, they will have the same color and fill style.

Therefore, although both objects look like “Keep Out Area Objects” at first glance, each object is different.

By creating “Keep Out Area Objects” on each keepout layer, it becomes a “Keep Out Area”.

In consideration of intuitive operation, we intend to automatically convert “Filled Object” to “Keep Out Area Objects” when “Filled Area” is created on the Keepout layer.

About setting the Component Height Limit

Before v10.6, the “Component Height Limit” was set in the Keep Out Area.

However, later v10.7, It is changed to “Height Limit Area”, independent from “Keep Out Area”.

“Component Height Limit” can be set by creating a “Height Limit Area” in the HeightLimit layer.


We have changed the method and concept of creating Keep Out Areas to improve usability through “visualization of each prohibited rule“.

We will continue to incorporate the valuable opinions of our customers as we strive to make Quadcept an easy-to-use CAD system for everyone.

we will introduce the new and improved functions in an easy-to-understand demo video.

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