Credit Card Payment Failed.

Credit Card Payment Failed.

It appears that the order has not been confirmed due to a payment failure. Before contacting our company, please refer to the following information for your confirmation:


Please contact your card company directly.

To enhance security, our company adheres to the practice of “non-retention of card information.”

Your credit card data is stored on the servers of our payment gateway provider, and we do not retain the data for security reasons.

Therefore, we are unable to investigate the cause of the payment failure. Kindly contact your card company directly for further assistance.

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Common Reasons for Credit Card Payment Failure

Reasons for Failure
  • Credit card expiration date has passed.
  • Payment amount exceeds the limit.

Among the inquiries we receive, the most common reasons are the two mentioned above. Please double-check for any potential issues.

Countermeasures / Resolutions

If the credit card payment fails, we kindly ask you to either re-register with the same credit card or register a different credit card and proceed with repurchasing the license.

Please follow the steps below to repurchase the license. (Clicking on each step will open the operating manual)

If the issue cannot be resolved

If the credit card payment continues to fail even after trying the above-mentioned solutions, we will investigate the issue within our system.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact our support team, and we will be glad to assist you.

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