Quadcept 10.8.2 Released


New Features


  • Added the ability to customize a click / double-click action on the error list window. (Highlight, Pan, None)
  • Enhanced the display settings for the error list window to allow configuration by error type. (ERC/DRC/MRC/FRC)

Fixed Issues


  • Fixed an issue where the attributes of placed CCM components could be edited.
  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks were not working in the preview for CCM component attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Paste command would not work in some cases.

Circuit Designer

  • Fixed an issue where proper nets were not given when moving wires / labels with the Relative Move command.
  • Fixed an issue where Quadcept could force close when entering muliple lines of text.

PCB Designer

  • Fixed an issue where same net clearance violations and different net clearance violations were indistinguishable in the DRC error list.
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